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Drinking Flowers - Sanity Restored 1972 (2013) review

Drinking Flowers “Sanity Restored 1972” (Lolipop/Secret People, 2013)

No, it’s not some long lost artifact from the transitional period when psychedelia grew more progressive. This L.A. quintet brings a three-guitar attack to their six-track debut EP, going truly old school by only issuing 300 of them (on an orange cassette tape, no less – see image! Act fast, as there were less than 50 at the time I wrote this review.) The title track is a droning fuzz buzz, a la Loop, My Bloody Valentine, and the Velvets, featuring suitably Reed-like bored vocals. Sadly, they’re buried in the mix so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what happened in 1972 to restore their sanity. “Hide It…” is a chunky, Stooges-inspired slab of punky gristle, while the 6-minute centerpiece “Vibrating Violence” shows off their jamming chops and suggests their live shows could be cathartic tension relievers. 

It’s all extremely loud and rather sloppily invigorating and should appeal to fans of fellow psych droners Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks and similarly-minded garage rockers.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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