Psychedelic Attic #6

October 30, 2013

Psychedelic Attic #6

The Young Sinclairs – You Know Where To Find Me (Planting Seeds Records, 2013)
Cheap Wine – Mystic
Crow (Celebration Days, 2013)
High Speed And The Afflicted Man – Get Stoned Ezy (Guerssen Records, 2013)
Sven Libaek – Inner
Space (Votary Records, 2013)
Mayflower Madame – Into The Haze (Stomp Records, 2013)
Charlies – Buttocks (Shadoks, 2013)
Jokers Wild – Jokers Wild (Shadoks, 2013)         
The Old Man & The Sea – Second (Shadoks, 2013)
Tandem Bridges (http://tandembridges.com/)
Frederic L’Epee (http://laspada.bandcamp.com/)
Simak Dialog (http://www.moonjune.com/)
The Selfish Cales (http://theselfishcales.com/)
V.A. Shrunken Head Music (http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/)
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