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Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings b/w Black Tuna Gang (2013) review

Morgan Delt “Barbarian Kings” b/w “Black Tuna Gang”  (Trouble In Mind, 2013)

A two-headed lysergic soft bomb here, from the enigmatic LA outfit. Morgan Delt’s brand of psychedelia is clearly rooted in the late ‘60s, yet the song that keeps flitting in and out of my head when I’m listening to “Barbarian Kings” is The Dukes of Stratosphear’s “25 O’Clock” (which, of course, is as late ‘60s as it gets, despite being recorded in the ‘80s). MD has a gentler, lighter touch than the Dukes, yet there’s some commonality in the vocal melodies between the two songs. “Black Tuna Gang” is more attacking than the A-side, with its rubbery bass line and riot of guitar splashes. Both songs together are the kinds of things you’d want to hear while lying on a row of satin pillows, with your favorite bong nearby. I’m not hearing any originality here, but then I don’t suspect that Morgan Delt intended to break any new ground with these tracks. They clearly love vintage psych and were out to display their take on it, while harkening back to the heady days of ‘67/’68.

Review made by Brian Greene/2013
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