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The Lone Crows - The Lone Crows (2013) review

The Lone Crows "The Lone Crows" (World In Sound, 2013) 

Debut album from Minneapolis quartet offers heavy metal thunder via nimble-fingered riffage, a tight rhythm section, and confident, shrieking vocals that recall vintage 70s barnstormers Zeppelin (check out “When I Move On”), Sabbath (“Can’t Go Home Again”, “The Crawl”), and the ilk. The eponymous opening track hurtles through the room like a hell bound train and establishes the band’s modus operandi – no holds barred barrage of six string mayhem, throbbing bass lines and head pounding drumming.

“Heard You Call” suggests they lads have been listening to all the right influences – it’s a pretty straightforward cop of Peter Green’s riff from “Black Magic Woman” with a competent Santanaesque solo weaving around snappy drumming. In fact, the band’s ace in the whole is the always exciting twin guitar pyrotechnics of Julian Manzara and vocalist Tim Barbeau. They know just when to wail and when to step back and let the songs breath. Inspired jamming coupled with inventive soloing keeps the listener intrigued – where are they going with this? It’s an exciting adventure you’ll want to explore.

There’s also an interesting nod to 90s baggy trousered psychonauts like Happy Mondays and particularly Stone Roses in tracks like “You Got Nothing” which reminds favourably of the Roses’ classic “Love Spreads.” Even the 60s gets name checked with the rather Doorsy blues vamp, “Moonshine”. So for a trawl through 50 years of rock and roll history with a defiant 21st century swagger (check out their take on Muddy Waters’ “I’m A Man” via the chugging swamp demon, “Runnin’ Through My Head” – Foghat lives!), the Lone Crows are a band to watch.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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