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Portugal's Finest

Everybody knows the sun has outbursts of energy. Violent eruptions that can even disrupt Earth's magnetic energies. What most people do not know is the sound it makes. Unless you are one of the persons who ever witnessed Sunflare live. I, for one, survived to tell the tale...
Sunflare are a Lisbon power trio with emphasis on power and their instrumental monster jams are delivered with ear piercing volume, either on record or live. They already have three recordings under their belt and if Japanese psych rock noise abuse is your thing, then look no further.
Personally, live is the best place to catch Sunflare and their mind melting, eardrum blowing, non-stop stampede of driving rhythm, heavy bass and free form feedback soloing. If you ever catch them live, you will witness a blazing eruption of sound emerging from the amps. Hell, they were even better than Oneida when I saw both bands on the same bill! On that particular show they were fronted by none other than Mr. Damo Suzuki. The Japanese veteran had to return two or three times because there was no stopping Sunflare’s solar eruptions and outbursts.

More traditional in sound, The Quartet Of Woah! hail from Lisbon as well. They just released a record filled with classic psych prog rock without ever indulging in the sometimes silly  pomposity of prog rock.
The strongest standpoint in their sound are the vocals. Richly flavoured harmonies that intertwine around the music, they hand out organ driven songs like Ken Hensley's finest hours. All four members sing with Gonçalo Kotowicz and Rui Guerra delivering most of the main vocals. Imagine Jimi Hendrix playing with Deep Purple and you will start to get the picture. Though some could lump them into the QOTSA pile, The Quartet Of Woah! have a rootsier feel to their sound that makes them stand out from the herd.
Live they are like a living breathing monolith with a rock solid swinging groovy tight heavy lightness sound that can make you groove and headbang like there’s no tomorrow.

Coming from the unlikely psych stoner garage capital of Barcelos in the North of Portugal where Earthless and Karma To Burn are household names for all the youngsters, Black Bombaim are one of the 'oldest' Portuguese acts of pure stoner rock jams. Highly influenced by the forementioned Earthless, Black Bombaim’s sound rises slowly like the smoke of a small dry leaf before a forest fire. The bass comes on, the drums emerge and the guitar wails out there in the distance and before you know it, you have to call the fire department. The trouble is, everyone's a pyromaniac when these guys are playing.
Also a power trio, Black Bombaim have an EP, two LP’s under their belt (the second being a double vynil psych bonanza) and also a split with The Notorious Hi Fi Killers. When they venture into Lisbon, they are happily joined by an audio generator delay freak theremin master that adds a Hawkwindesque feel to their whole sound and makes the flames rise even higher into the sky, with it's smoke so thick it can block the sun like an eclipse.
Catch them before the fire brigade does and ruins the fun for all the pyromaniacs out there. Out there in space, I might add...

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Article made by Carlos Ferreira/2013
© Copyright

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