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The PeΔrls - The PeΔrls (2013) review

The PeΔrls “The PeΔrls” (Rijapov 2013)

This Italian imprint’s brief meteoric flight across the musical landscape resulted in a dozen 7” singles and EPs between 2006-2009. Now they’re back with a vengeance (and a self-deprecating, Stiff-inspired slogan: “Record label of poor quality and bad taste”), delivering their first 12”, courtesy Milano’s female garage pop duo, The PeΔrls. The gals (guitarist Simona from Thee Bomb-o-nyrics and drummer Stella from The Sensibles, although they prefer the sobriquet “StellOna”) deliver minimalist, lo-fi pop stompers (in English) that pack a lot more punch than one might expect from six strings and a drum kit! “Shine A Light” and “Infinity Call” add some interesting phasing effects to the proceedings (the latter even boasts a bona fide guitar solo!), and Stella’s guitar lines bear a strange luminescence reminiscent of early primitive pronouncements from The Cure, Fall, et. al.
               “Walking” has an alluring, Shonen Knife naiveté and “Reality Is My Dream” (false starts and all) cuddles up inside your head like a cobra poised to attack at the very fibre of your pleasure dome. Simona puts some surfy twang on that thang in closer “Safe Escape”, which wouldn’t be out of place at a B-52’s reunion. In short:  wonderfully sloppy, juvenile, garage rock for Generation Y that defines what fun is all about in the 21st century. We need more bands like The PeΔrls to shake us up and wipe the musical cobwebs and doldrums out of our heads.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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