Psychedelic Attic #2

March 30, 2013

Psychedelic Attic #2

Purple Overdose – Gemineye – The Last Ever
Recordings (Anazitisi Records, 2013)
One of the best Greek psych bands and among
the best in the neo-psych genre. They released a lot of albums influenced by
Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevators and the likes. Gemineye is like the
title says the last recording of the band and is for sure worth having if you
like to hear something originally inspired by your favourite bands of the 60’s.
Acid Baby Jesus & Hellshowel Present – Voyager 8 (Slovenly, 2013)
Weird punkadelick EP featuring both groups.
Fans of lo-fi make sure to check this weirdness. You will dig it.
Tyler Jakes – Evil (2013)
Twelve songs deep, Evil covers a whole lot
of territory; seamlessly blending garage rock, heavy blues/punk, and a tinge of
dark gypsy folk that has no doubt came from Jakes’ time spent in Eastern
Europe. It is as delectably varied album as any of his releases and yet, it
stands as his most cohesive work to date.

The Bad Joke That Ended Well (Stole Body Records, 2013)
Mixture of garage blues rock with psych and alcohol influences. This is their second release.
39th and The Nortons – On Trial (EvilHoodoo, 2012)
Let’s just say, that I love the album. It has everything I love about the garage rock…

What Now Again Records are doing is something very special. Here we have WITCH box set, which is in my opinion one of the most important music pieces released in the last 15 years. Other albums include compilation of rare heavy psych and Indian most well known rock band called Atomic Forrest. We featured both interviews with WITCH and Atomic Forest on the magazine. I strongly recommend this if you are in a search for forgotten sounds of the past.
We are really glad, we found out about this
label, cos they are putting out some things, that no one else would. You can
find from Russian psych scene compilation album to Sky Cries Mary live
One of the last space rockers, that are not generic. Highly recommend.
Joseph Byrd (New World Records, 2013)
More known for his work with pioneers of psych; United State Of America. Here is a great introspection of his early work as a composer. 
Marbin – Last Chapter of Dreaming (MoonJune Records, 2013)
Very hard to describe, it’s modern,
refreshing and full of energy. Highly recommended.
Dewa Budjana –  Dawai
in Paradise (MoonJune Records, 2013)
An amazing release by MoonJune Records. Here we have an incredible Indonesian artist who is playing a mixture of  Fripp and McLaughlin…
Language of Shapes – Language of Shapes(2013)
Mixing folk and pop together on a very special
way. Definitely not commercial sounds. They are for sure with those who are
caring the new vibe…
Obscured By Echoes – Black Matter Manifesto (2013)
Modern quality psych rock from Austin. Recommend. 
Chris Vallilo – The Last Day Of Winter (2013)
American roots music. Truly a heaven for fans of guitars…
A small label dedicated to quality pop psych music releasing vinyl and CD’s in limited quantities. 
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