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The Soft Moon - Zeros (2012) review

The Soft Moon’s release of Zero’s is a tour de force excursion into the dream-state of music, where they’ve managed to take the footprints set down by the likes of Joy Division, The Cure, and other electronic dark-side visionaries and stand the genre on it’s head, creating not soundscapes, but etherial dreamscapes that linger behind the curtains, drift in through a thoughtlessly neglected window, and swirl around the room ... not in a storm, but through shivers that barely register, yet manage to keep drawing you back with the sense of something subliminally recognized, while lingering just out of reach.

Soft Moon are not song based, they’ve stepped far beyond the need for mere words, dancing with illusionary sounds and image based chord changes, creating an immersion of undulating mid-tempo sexual offerings with shrouded muffled vocals that entice, whisper, and draw the listener in through layer after dense atmospheric layer, as if we were to get close enough to the sound, we’d receive all the answers to all the questions we could ever imagine.

The Soft Moon are both primal ... and they are the future.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2013
© Copyright

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Hunter Gatherer said...

Well written and good voice. I look forward to the musical experience! I do love some Soft Moon.