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The Growlers - Hung at Heart (2013) review

Once upon a time there was a party-band called The Grateful Dead, and while most Growlers' fans don’t have the foggiest idea who The Dead are, The Growlers hit the stage with a super casual 60's garage rock vibe, thank the sound-man when he tweaks the boards just right, and then set about to usher in a bouncing pro-summer bit of laid back, burned out, infectious tunes that has everyone raising their glass, up and dancing, and feeling so smooth, that there’s no way anyone can go home without a mile wide smile slapped across their upturned faces.  At least that what I’m telling Brook Nielsen as we sit at the bar long after closing, he’s grinning from ear to ear, charming yet another round of double shots for us all, and knowing that The Growlers have shown Albuquerque the likes of something they’ve never seen before. 

The Growlers are the band that Tom Waits wonders off to see after one of his gigs, slapping his knee, smiling from ear to ear while mumbling, “Oh those crazy kids.”  The new release Hung At Heart, a lively marvel of modern engineering and magic, has the band bending their sound in a groovy manner that makes it all seem like you’ve take just a bit too many drugs, skipped the warning label on the prescription bottle, and washed it all down with a bottle of Jim Beam.  It’s lo-fi, it’s garage, it’s surf, it’s full of cryptic lyrics, kaleidoscopic visions, blissed out and totally enchanting.  Hung At Heart was recorded in Nashville, or perhaps any thrift store in America, under the supervision of Dan Auerbach, taking the band’s psych-surf bouncing slacker repartee to new levels, delivering fifteen songs with their special guest Jason Kaiser ... songs that never grow old.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2013
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