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Human Instinct - Pins In It (1971) review

Human Instinct “Pins In It” (Pye Records 1971)

The roots of this popular New Zealand band spool all the way back to the late fifties. Still performing today, Human Instinct not surprisingly encountered a few personnel changes over the years. And considering how long they’ve been around, they’ve played a variety of musical styles. But there’s no doubt Human Instinct’s most interesting and creative period occurred in the late sixties and early seventies, when “anything goes, when the whistle blows” was the prevailing policy of the times.

Here on the band’s third full-length album, “Pins In It,” a visible Jimi Hendrix Experience influence dwells within the premises. Stacked wall to wall with blazing six-string aerobics and banks of howling feedback, complemented by spot on phrasings and inflections, the disc acknowledges the deceased guitar master with care and respect while sneaking a couple of daring dips and dents into the soup as well. As an example, the celestial timbre of a flute is utilized on both the psychedelic sunshine pop of “Rainbow World” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Nile Song,” which captures the progressive space rock side of Human Instinct in fine fettle.

Fastened tight with  flurries of funky grooves, bundles of bluesy beats and acres of acid-addled action, “Pins In It” trembles and tumbles with stirring instrumentation. Some creepy sound effects also figure in the equation, giving the record an added edge of excitement and mystique. Had "Pins In It" been granted global distribution, it would have surely received regular rotation on hard rock radio stations everywhere.

Review made by Beverly Paterson/2013
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