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Secret Saucer - Four On The Floor (2011) review

The band Secret Saucer was formed in 2001, during a weekend jam session in the studio in Ohio. The subject of the jam was pretty simple: play space rock. And they did it! During that jam session, musicians recorded a couple of songs that have been released on EP, and later included in their debut album “Element 115” released by Dead Earnest record label in 2005.
Their second album entitled “Second Sighting” was released in 2007, with the same line-up.
Band consists of musicians who were (or are) involved in touring and playing with Hawkwind`s founder Nik Turner, Australian poet and psychedelic rock musician Daevid Allen, Quarkspace, Architectural Metaphor, Church Of Hed, Sun Machine, National Steam, and more.
Musical experience and creative feeling for space atmosphere, got the band to their fourth album – “Four on the floor”, released in 2011.
With some lineup changes for this album, band consisting of - Steve Hayes (synthesizers), Dave Hess (synthesizers, glissando guitar), Billy Spear (bass), Dan Schnell (guitar, synthesizers), Ted Boburka (drums, synthesizers) and Greg Kozlowski (guitar, synthesizers), managed to record their most advanced and progressive album so far.
It opens with a short introduction and entering-into-space “Time spent out of mind”, with some parts of it reminding of the video games from the 80s. Actually it is a great psychedelic instrumental. Progressive “Lunar Pull” represents the core of space rock tunes, taking the listener deep into space. Great track! Instrumental “Daedal” really stands for its name. It is ingenious and complex tune that sounds more like a part of late night jam session, than like a previously rehearsed song, that gives a dose of immediacy to the album. However, it is really huge and shows the musical width of the band.
Song “Awaken” has only one problem – it wasn`t released back in 70s or 80s, the eras when progressive rock was on the top, because it would definitely stand shoulder to shoulder with anthems like “Hey You”, “In the Court of the Crimson King” or any Genesis tune.
Keyboard based “The dark rift” sounds like a two-minute introduction into “Celestial Spigot” - a six minute progressive, fusion and psychedelic jam in great space environment, framed into the great sound production.
Nine minutes and a half of “Four on the Floor” is a long journey, taking the listener deep into the wide open space. “Aegean Bridge” is a mid-temp instrumental, painted with great keyboard parts.
Melancholic “Notch” is practically the ending intro for “A Saucerful of Secrets”, nice cover of Pink Floyd`s tune from the album of the same name, released back in 1968.

Comparing to their second album “Second Sight”, or even to the first one “Element 115”, it is obvious that production and spread creativity are first to notice. It is useless making any parallels between this band and Hawkwind, Pink Floyd or Quarkspace, because Secret Saucer is the gang playing advanced space rock of 21st century, using their methods and creating their sound. If you are a fan of instrumental music, supported with great space rock atmosphere and progressive, psychedelic tunes, you will definitely find this album as the one you would enjoy listening to.

Review made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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