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“Nothing is slowing us down anytime soon.” Interview with Buffalo Killer`s Andy Gabbard

Photo©Erin Volk

Ohio-based trio “Buffalo Killers” – guitarist and vocalist Andrew Gabbard, bassist and vocalist Zachary Gabbard and drummer Joseph Sebaali, are maybe not the band from MTV or some mainstream music magazine, but they definitely are proving that despite hard times for good music, with bands like them – rock n roll is here to stay!
When they released their first self-titled album in 2006, previously sending it to the record label “Alive Naturalsound” on the burnt CD with just their telephone number and name on it, Buffalo Killers probably never dreamed of how things will start to develop for them. Their second album “Let it ride” was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and gained huge success in USA. Three years after it, they recorded a new one, simply called “3” and proved that they are rising band with huge talent and ability to become one of the best rock `n roll bands today. After huge success with third album, and hits like “Huma bird”, “Circle Day” and “Mountain Sally”, they never thought about taking a rest. Last year, with their new album “Dig. Sow. Love. Grow.” they just confirmed their creativity and justified the trust of constantly growing fan base, hungry for good old rock `n roll music.

Some magazines compared their music with Blue Cheer, Mountain and Rolling Stones, but they definitely proved with their last album, that they sound just like they need to – like Buffalo Killers, band of passion, true love for music and great energy. They toured with Black Crowes, collaborated with Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, smoked a joint with Blue Cheer, and rocked many states and cities in US.

Guitarist and singer Andy Gabbard found a time to answer a couple of Andrija Babovic`s questions for “It`s Psychedelic Baby”, about their music, rock n roll scene today, Neil Young, plans for 2013, drugs and other stuff never or rarely spoken before.

First of all thank you for your time. To start, tell me your opinion regarding rock n roll today?  What modern rock n roll scene represents these days, and where do you see your band on it?

Rock and roll is here to stay. Though, it has changed. Nowadays I feel like rock is measured more on how you are dressed, ya know? All these popular groups look good, but sound like garbage. Certain magazines will tell you someone's album sounds like Pet Sounds, you'll look at their photo, they look like The Beatles, then when you go and listen they sound like a shitty U2 reincarnation. There are very few true rock groups out there today and we hope to be one of them.

Tell me something about the time you spent creating your last album "Dig. Sow. Love. Grow." which was released in August 2012? Tell me a little about inspiration, and how long have you been writing it?

My brother Zach and I write songs like madmen. So once we had a good handful together we just went into the studio and knocked them out. We tried not to over-think things on this record and we are very happy with the results. Nice rockin' LP.

You are probably a lot more experienced as artists and musicians now, as this is your 4th album. Do you think that you have raised the creativity bar?
At this point, we are just getting this thing licked. We are like a well-oiled machine in the studio anymore. We support the song. No predetermined directions for anything. We like to keep it simple and let the song bring the magic.

Do you think that your music now became more psychedelic and progressive comparing to your first three albums?

Not necessarily. More than anything, I feel as though we are becoming more and more ourselves. Which is hard being such super fans of music.

It is not a secret, that most of the rock `n roll was created and inspired by using drugs. Back in the sixties and seventies, rock musicians spoke openly about drug using in their interviews. Why do you think that in modern age it is not so? Have music magazines become more conservative, or musicians became afraid of the reactions of society?

I have no idea. I got high just to do this interview. Believe it or not, a lot of people are snobs about that kind of stuff. I mean, just bring up Grateful Dead to a random person and see their reaction. Some people won't even listen to the dead because of their impression of the dead's fan base. It's sad. Nobody wants to get passed on just because they like to smoke grass or something. And some people don't want their grandma to know that they get high. I personally don't give a shit. I'm real. Buffalo Killers are real.

Jack Daniel`s or Maker`s Mark?

Jack. My brother would probably say Maker's. I hate Maker's.

It has been seven years since your first album; you toured a lot and met many of rock stars. Have you met some of your childhood idols?

Yes! The craziest being Blue Cheer. Never thought I'd ever be in a room with Dickie Peterson, smoking a joint, listening to him tell stories about playing with Jimi Hendrix. Still can't believe that happened.

I won`t ask you about your favorite Buffalo Killers album so far, but I cannot pass without asking about your favorite song? There must be at least one, written from the deepest bottom of your soul that is special for you? Do you often play it live?

Mountain Sally is one my favorite songs I've ever written. Very proud of that song. We play it all the time. Favorite songs change all the time for me. Depends on how often we play it I guess.

Neil Young`s “Homegrown” became standard in your setlist. What does that song represent to you? Why of all Neil Young`s songs you chose this one to play on practically every show?

We bust out Neil songs at rehearsal all the time. We are huge fans of his. That song just fits into our set well. We didn't intend on playing it so much. But after our first shows, people started requesting it. We won't play it usually unless someone asks.

Photo©Chad Bowers

Two albums in two years, should the fans expect something new in 2013?

More albums. We are trying to pump them out faster and on schedule. Nothing is slowing us down anytime soon.

Are you aware of your popularity in Europe? Do you plan any European shows in 2013?

Working on getting over there and rocking out as soon as possible.

If you can say something, that everybody in the world can hear at the same time, what would that message be?

Turn off your TV. Do not follow. Do not fear. Be real. Go buy records!

Do you think that there is more space for rock to improve and to roll in the future?

Absolutely. As long as people keep teaching their children to play guitar. As long as shitty bands are on the TV, the rock group down the street will strive to bring better music to the people. There is A LOT of room for improvement! And I have faith!

To conclude, tell me which new album you have been listening lately?

Nothing new as of late. Pulled out all of my Beach Boys records the other day.

Photo©John Curley

Interview made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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