Cosmic Travelers – Live! At the Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii (1972) review

January 21, 2013

Cosmic Travelers – Live! At the Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii (1972) review

The Cosmic Travelers “Live! At The Spring Crater
Celebration” (Gear Fab Records 2013)
Starring the amazing talents of former Paul Revere and the
Raiders guitarist Drake Levin, lead vocalist and bassist Joel Christie, who
sang lead in Jesus Christ Superstar, drummer and vocalist Dale Loyola from the
Hook and the Lee Michaels Band, and vocalist and guitarist Jimmy McGhee, who
performed with Otis Redding and Etta James, the Cosmic Travelers produced only
one album during their short-lived stint, but what a masterpiece it is.
Recorded April 1, 1972 at the Spring Crater Celebration at the Diamond Head
volcano in Oahu, Hawaii, the duly titled “Live! At The Spring Crater
Celebration” has been out of print for years, but is now available on compact
disc in all its blazing glory.
Sizzling full steam ahead with razzle dazzle jams that
expertly bind together blues, soul, funk and hard driving rock and roll into a
single file, the Cosmic Travelers are on fire each and every galloping groove
of the way.  The interplay between the
musicians is absolutely stunning, as they are simultaneously loose and tight.
Securely grounded, but raw and spontaneous, the Cosmic Travelers speak the same
language, as they swap and blend licks in an impressively telepathic manner.
Dripping wet with energy and electricity, “Live! At The Spring Crater
Celebration” contains not a speck of down time. A loud and fiery affair, the
album is so vivid and exciting that it makes the listener feel as if they’re
right onstage with the band.
Sparked by rivers of rhythms bumping and grinding with
purpose, “Jungle Juice,” “Farther On Up The Road” and “Soul” reel and roar with
heated musicianship designed of wailing guitars and powerhouse drumming. The
vocals are passionate and wild, and although the emphasis is on improvisational
kicks and tricks, the band still manages to pierce the material with catchy
melodies and bracing hooks. By incorporating the funky frills of artists like
the Chambers Brothers, George Clinton and Sly and the Family Stone with the
freewheeling frolic of the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service and the
James Gang, the Cosmic Travelers parent a wicked sound that’s equal parts
street soul and hippy heaviness. Dedicated to Drake Levin, who departed the
earthly plane in 2009, “Live! At The Spring Crater Convention” serves as a
sweltering snapshot of a classic jam band. In-depth liner notes, written by
Drake’s widow, Sandra, complete the package. The Cosmic Travelers may not have
stuck around the scene very long, but their lone contribution to the music biz
remains positively priceless.
Review made by Beverly Paterson / 2013
© Copyright http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com / 2013
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