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Silver Apples - The Garden (1969-1970/1998) review

The Silver Apples were a psychedelic electronic music duo that have been credited to somewhat help create what would later be known as techno/dance music by employing electronic instruments and techniques that would later be heard in said genres. After releasing two criminally overlooked albums "Silver Apples" and "Contact" they began work on their third album "The Garden" but shortly after recording they disbanded and the album remained in the vaults until being released in 1998. The album opens with the hypnotic "I Don't Care What The People Say"  with it's swirling effects it's hard not to get taken away with this song. Before this may get taken the wrong way, the rest of the album somewhat falls short in comparison of the strong opener. You can tell that a lot of these songs, especially all the "Noodle" pieces that these were all works in progress or just the guys getting loose and going for it. Still a very entertaining and fun listen to be had. With that said, there is still no shortage of strong songs like the theremin heavy "Walkin"  or the demented take on "John Hardy". The standout track for me is "The Owl" as the brainwashing drums come in and a rush of electronic sounds come forth, I'm taken to another
dimension and I must say, I don't wanna leave! In closing this is a must have for any hardcore Silver Apples fan and shows the way of what could of been.

Review made by Chris Oliver / 2012
© Copyright / 2012

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