Windhand – Windhand (2012) Review

August 16, 2012

Windhand – Windhand (2012) Review

These days there are tons of doom bands. I like quite a lot of the material that is coming out, but mostly it’s pretty mediocre. Recently I found a fairly new band called Windhand. I came across it just randomly while browsing. I saw the cover artwork of their debut LP and I thought: »Hm, this looks tasty.« It’s kind a mixture of Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath cover artwork and so is the music. The band released a demo EP back in 2010, which I didn’t heard yet, but it must be also interesting since the LP is really good. So to describe the album itself…from beginning to the end it’s heavy riffing with many catchy moments. It’s not too slow and not too fast for my taste. You won’t find any technical stuff just basic heavy stuff. Guys just having fun playing in basement and recording it. Many people think the production is bad, but not me. I think it suites them well and it sounds the way they do it, cos as I said before it’s underground basement doomy stuff with all the 70’s horror sweetness in a way like Electric Wizard are doing after Dopethrone album. If you are fan of late Electric Wizard stuff, horror flicks from late 60’s and early 70’s and just enjoy the music, not listening to production, because criticizing production on a doomy record is something beyond my understanding. I think with the right followers they can become pretty big in the scene. Being from Richomond adds some additional interest in my eyes.
So check them out! They have LP out on Forcefield Records. It’s actually repress so grab it as quick as you can and close your eyes and let them take you to some early 70’s horror flick graveyard scene. They really do a great job and as far as I know they are currently having small tour in the States and hopefully they will become more well known and tour also Europe.
Review made by Klemen Breznikar / 2012
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  1. Anonymous

    these guys rock it pretty hard. digging soma right now.

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