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Djin Aquarian talks psychedelic...

Hello my friends, 

      I promised Klemen I would write something for “Its Psychedelic Baby” months ago and so here it comes, in The Eternal Now, just like we play it in Yahowha13. 

    Psychedelic music, to me, is pure spirit and emotion. It is the open-ended sometimes harmonious “imaginarium” of sounds and feelings originating from the primordial depths of our less listened to voices from our soul. It is the gift of the “mu-gician” architects of sound, who have desired to explore the unknown, unheard vibrations the cosmic mind is capable of producing. Father’s gong  playing was often part of our morning meditations right after our sacred herb ceremony and I can remember the journey it would take me on into so many detailed dimensions and sound-scapes of imagination…. how relaxed and settled I’d feel, physically and mentally, after he brought us back into 3D for a landing. Where had we gone? What happened? We knew the power and potency of that experience on so many levels being “penetrated” and that we must share this with others.

    Psychedelic music, at its best, is free medicine…closer to a medicinal use of music than is the popular music of the day. It is more akin to shamanism than entertainment. Yes don’t be surprised to discover you have the power to replenish, renew and help someone’s healing with your “sound medicine”. Psych-rock is not the usual egoic use of music to me, it’s a service provided by the universe to a society with great psychological need for liberation from narrow mindedness….why else would it have come into existence and be growing as it is otherwise? Nothing exists without a purpose.  Psychedelic music, raw and unfiltered, liberates from restrictions… and people need this even if it is vicarious.  Psychedelic music is like a form of yoga, which means union, because it can hook one up to limitless life energy, bypassing intellectual thought and judgment to experiences of pure mental and spiritual vibrations not received in everyday normal life activities.
     Psych-rock contains all possibilities, like the universe, yet has no preceding genre that is its direct parent. It was truly a musical misfit of sorts when we entered its realms as Yahowha13. It was actually our attempt to reach the infinite and mysterious spaces that resonate within our personal and collective psyche and deliver that to listeners.  

    Psych-music can be your own personal tool for self medicating or amusement or a cosmic dispensary of sonic antidote to psychic toxicity. I think part of the attractiveness of it is in its accessibility to amateur players as well as proficient players but, to play it and shape it as an individual or band actually requires quite a bit of skill and a psychic attunement to “cosmic composition” or your personal inner realms and if in collaboration a spiritual union among the mu-gicians.

    Sound waves can travel where Light rays cannot. A wave of sound may be heard on the opposite side of a wall which at the same time blocking light rays or images emanating from that same source. In the same manner sound can reach to the depths of a soul in darkness where light of the mind cannot and Father Yod/Yahowha believed this fully. A well crafted song or tune is a truly wonderful thing that invokes inspiration, thoughts and emotions and yet it is limited by certain restrictions of scales, arrangements, culture and tastes etc. whereas psych-music demolishes boundaries and forges into the unknown dragging an audience along on the ride, kind of like a psychedelic substance does. 

    From Kohoutek to the Operetta, and  the many more lost recordings, it was all improvised psych and even when he produced Savage Sons of Yahowha  with crafted songs he insisted we do not practice the songs with each other beforehand but just learn the chords and arrangements and record in order to preserve the spontaneous vital nervous feelings you tend to lose when over rehearsed and learned . It took us as long to record as it does to listen to any of our music. He considered pre-written, rehearsed music to be Yin and receptive compared to psych as Yang and penetrating.

Through the 37 years since Father passed over leaving his vocal and vibrational legacy on vinyl, and 37 years after the family dispersed and YaHoWha13 was mere audiophile history, I have seen the psych genre emerge, expand and flourish and along with that, the limited editions of Yahowha13 records became more and more collectable. I sold my “Lovers Chariot” for $750…6 years ago.  I was extremely surprised to discover in the late 90’s that our records had survived and were valued for the same reasons I felt when channeling and recording them so I see the vibe has thrived and has accomplished what  it was sent out to do. Perhaps only Father had the knowledge, at the time, this would surely happen as it did, being the adept that he was at spiritual seed planting, nevertheless we are enjoying the harvest of his love for humanity.  Thank you all young and old for helping us keep the psych-vibe alive. 

      Oh, one more thing….Psych-rock, being an experimental form of social experience and artistic expression that simulates and stimulates a sense of freedom and rebellion toward convention and the dulling soul sleep of material pursuits and repetitive ruts some of us are in, prepares us for the coming awakening of an emerging awareness toward acceptance of what is unusual…..Maybe it’s an alien race trying to contact us… so keep it “Psychedelic Baby” all the way through 2012 and into 2013….Speaking of “2013” be sure and checkout our latest record “YAHOWHA 2013” at  www.PROPHASE, located in Philadelphia.
                                                                                                         Take good care of one another…. Sing YAHOWHA and Yod Hey Vau Hey….. Breathe, Love and Give Consciously Knowing the power of your *Divine I AM* within*       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Yahowha 13 and Djin Aquarian’s music can be found also on Captain Trip Records, Japan----Swordfish Records, England, ----Drag City Records, Chicago,----TeePee Records, LA and Global Recording Artist Records, San Francisco
                                         Djin Aquarian  4/20…12 

 Column made by Djin Aquarian / 2012
© Copyright 2012


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