The Nebulae Ensemble – Sin Palabras (2011) Review by Enrique Rivas

February 11, 2012

The Nebulae Ensemble – Sin Palabras (2011) Review by Enrique Rivas

TNE is trio from Ljubljana. They are influenced by many different genres. A few days ago they self released their first album. At first they didn’t intend to put out an album they just wanted to record something live, so the album is somehow a demo recording of their “live” session. Band is really ambitious and they are only for about a year or so together. Everything is done in DIY Studio. My dear friend Enrique Rivas will tell you more about his feelings toward the album, so enjoy.
Behind this nice name for an instrumental album (“Sin Palabras” means in Spanish “Without words”) is one of the great fresh music surprises I  heard this last year. At first my curiosity started only with the name of the album, but man once I downloaded the complete thing I was really fascinated!
You need only some tiny seconds to get to know what are the intentions of this young Slovenian “power trio”, since the wild riff of the first song “Groovich” my body started to feel in a marvelous vibe… Just pure music! Maybe it sounds a bit naive, but it is not easy to find in these last years bands with this card presentation.
But even better “pure music” with lots of great taste and imagination. Usually in many instrumental albums I have the need to ask myself, how would this sound with a voice?  Well in this case this question is not necessary; The complete play has such a variety of different registers that you could stay in a continue first listen travelling around all the vibe without any time to take a breathe. High points is the jam that closes the play, the fantastic “Don´t mind the chickens” is really good mix with pure “soul” slowly songs as the great “Lament” or “No man´s blues”, and the rest are nearly as good as these three. In their music there is so many influences that would be a waste of time to try to mention any. I really prefer to say that the “main influence” is the capacity of the band in mixing so many different styles in his own personality. I have exactly the same opinion about the high quality in all the members playing its instruments. They are so handy that if you agree or not, with my perception in this record, sure we will have this point in common. 


Its obvious that this is a record created by music lovers with lots of enthusiasm and concerning to themselves. I have to say that I am totally captivate by their proposal. Even I had the thought they are more interested in playing music than in other things. I must say I would love some label could give to this young court -and which is more main, to many listeners as myself- the chance to have this item in a nice vinyl format.
I really have the feeling that if someone could give these guys some support and stability, in the next steps I could get up of my chair and say one word (only one word!)…. YES!!!!


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Review made by Enrique Rivas / 2012

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