Icarus Peel interview

September 2, 2011

Icarus Peel interview

1. Hi Icarus! How are you?
I am very well thank you,Klemen, and extremely honoured to be talking to you through the marvellous pages of It’s Psychedellic Baby. Thank you so much for showing an interest in my music. I often read the magazine to catch what is best in the psyche world. It goes well with a nice cup of tea…
2. I would like to thank you for taking your time. Would you mind telling us where did you grow up and what are some of your influences?
I grew up in South London in an area with a very cosmopolitan population, so I grew up listening to hard Jamaican reggae and fast, dirty South London Rockn’Roll. Our local pub had lots of bands and the favourites were The Ruts and The Hammersmith Gorillas. I always liked pop music with big guitars and I think possibly my first recollection of rock music on TV was  a far out film of Jimi doing Voodoo Chile. My parents went mad but I though “Hello……that sounds good!!!”. I can also remember thinking I must get me a guitar when I first saw Marc Bolan and T Rex. Influences are probably a bit old fashioned, pre-Ronnie Wood Rolling Stones, Donavon, Kevin Ayers and early Pink Floyd. Recently I have begun to think that Jethro Tull lyrics and Pete Townsend song construction also played a part.
3. When did you first got involved with the music?

I played my first gig as part of the legendary London band Guy-Zer-Yul (it is apparently Viking!!!) in The Castle pub in Tooting South London some time in 1976. I was playing bass. The band was most noted for starting a riot in the famous Chizzlehurst Caves venue when we played there the next year. We played our own stuff plus a few Free, Doors and Stones covers. The applause was under whelming……

4. I know you have two albums out. Were you in any bands before that, any releases?

Well as I said I was with Guy-Zer-Yul. After that a brief spell with The Juvies, Doctor Feelgood/punk crossover, Fast Loud and Pretty Crap!! My next band was The Tattoed Love Gods. We did really well and an EP was released, Bullet, which is probably unobtainable now. The music was fairly mainstream rock, think UFO Michael Shencker Group. I became disillusioned and moved West to the Pastoral and Rural idyll of Devon. I then got persuaded to join a local group, Daylights Burning. We did pretty well and ended up in Dubai for a while. The Red Alligators was an Rn’B spin off trading in fast swamp rock n’ roll. I then became a Lone Groover and started to produce what is now the music of Icarus Peel.

5. Tell us about your latest album. I would love if you could present us your work!

The album you have is called Tea At My Gaffe and I have tried to present classic English psychedellia. This means the emphasis is on songs and grooves. There are imperfections, I think they improve the finished song and increase the quirky  feel. There are songs about colourful characters and grooves about time and space. There is a sample of The Avengers theme tune in Mrs Peel and Rose Petal Locket name checks The Small Faces who DEFINITELY inspired it!! I played all the instruments myself and only had help from the gorgeous Crystal Jacqueline for female vocals. I was very much encouraged in this work by  the musical genius Bruce Woolley who encouraged me deeply. I like to think that people who admire Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett and others of that ilk.

6. What are some of your future plans? Any touring?
There is a new album out in October called The Sunflower Army. It is slightly more melancholic and perhaps a little more pastoral, but still jolly in places, The March Of The Ladybirds!!! There is a 12 minute Moon Madness suite on it that deals with the facets of the full moon!!! I will send a copy as soon as I get it back from Psychedandy records. I shall also be playing gigs with my current band, StemRoach. We are seperate from Icarus and have an album out at present called Ulltrasonic Clouds which is downloadable from itunes, amazon etc. Icarus has been invited to share a night on the radio show The Smart Set, hosted by Marrs Bonfire on Sept 9th on Bay fm avilable to listen on line. He plays great garage and pyschedelic stuff from 8 till 10. 

I am hoping to try to get to play live at some European festivals next year, if you need me call me!!!
7. Thanks a lot for taking your time! Would you like to share anything else?

You can aquire my albums by sending me a text at   icaruspeel@live.co.uk. You can also visit my website icaruspeel.com.

I would like to thank you again for letting me spread the word…..
I should also love to share the secrets of the universe with you all but I only know that you really should warm the tea-pot before filling it….and jam doughnuts are good for your soul…..

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011

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