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The Out Key Hole interview


Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview! How did you guys get together to create The Out Key Hole? Why the name The Out Key Hole?

Yes, like most bands we got together because we shared the same opinions about specific events happening in our city and in our high school, so it was almost natural for us to create our own band in order to have fun without too many pre-established patterns and to try something different compared to our previous musical experiences.
The name is inspired by Nietzsche's idea of a world behind this world; so it's our way to metaphorize this concept: the door, through its keyhole, is the separation between the two observation points. We also play a bit with the words, you know.

What are some of your influences? Since you play psychedelic music, you must love many psychedelic bands from the late 60's

Yes, of course we love all the most important and well-known psychedelic bands of the Sixties (which usually are the first approach with psychedelic rock): Pink Floyd, Beatles, Who, Byrds, Beach Boys; but more specifically we feel we are more influenced by bands like Electric Prunes Opus 1, Red Crayola, 13th Floor Elevators (and we’re limiting the list to make it not very long!)

You have a brand new album out. Its called Dreams In Waking State. I would like if you can present the album (how it was recorded etc.)

For technical reasons in the past we never had the opportunity to record a lp, but about two years ago we could finally record something that we’d like to listen to. We weren’t satisfied with the sounds of the previous registrations. We wanted something that really sounded sixties. The breakthrough came when we had a place to carry out the adjustments on our own, thus giving the right sound to the record, a sound whose characteristic is quite evident by looking at the cover! We mostly use 60's Vox instruments and amplifiers. Once we got this, the composition of 10 new songs was almost a natural process; so “Dreams In Waking State” was born without the intervention of outsiders in all phases of its production: rehearsing, recording, mixing etc. 
In the summer of 2010 during the Salsomaggiore" beat- fest  we met with Massimo Del Pozzo to him we've did listen to a premix of 10 tracks, enthusiastic about the product and with the participation of Marchingiglio Mauro, who was also co-producer in  this collaboration with Misty LANE / Teen Sound Rec.

How is touring going for you?

No, we do not have any tour scheduled. We have some contacts with northern Europe, but at the moment there are no specific dates.

What is your opinion about psychedelic scene these days?

We don’t have a clear idea of this so we wouldn’t like to say something incorrect. One thing we can say for sure it’s that to have a greater influx of people, the so-called “beat festivals” that take place in Italy put together musical styles that frankly have nothing in common; for example the punk of the seventies with the psychedelic rock of the sixties. This is ridiculous for us!

How about some future plans for the band?

Playing around as longer as possible, but only in appropriate contexts! We’d like to do some dates in the U.S. and soon began to record our second album.

Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have anything else to say about the band or yourself, that I didn't ask?

Yeah, you didn’t ask us if we’d like to play in your country. Well, the answer to this question is: we'd really like to! Hopefully as soon as possible!

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011


Syreeta Spyrit said...

Please come to the states. I've been waiting on a band like yours my entire conscious lifetime. Keep that groove! A diehard fan!


Syreeta Spyrit said...

Greetings From Chicago! Please come to the states. I've been waiting on a Psychedelic band like yours my entire conscious lifetime. Keep it heavy, trippy and most importantly, keep that groove! You guys f*cking rock! Much luck on your future releases, I'm buying my copy of your album ASAP. Ciao.

A diehard fan,