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Noctum Interview


Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview! How did you guys get together to create Noctum? Why the name Noctum?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity! It all started out in school where we all went and were studying music together, Me (Tobbe) didn't have a band and I always wanted to play classic rock with pre-doom influenses and I started to ask David who were my closest friend at the time, if he was intrested in playing this style of music and he was. Regarding the band name, We just came up with the name from nowhere basically. It sounded dark and cool. (Noctum means darkness on Latin.)

What are some of your influences?

Individually we can be very different but ofcourse we do have names that brought us all together and that would be Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Deep Purple, November, Captain Beyond, Budgie, Roky Erickson and many more.

You released The Seance in 2010. Can you tell me how it was recorded? I really like your old school hard rock/doom style of playing....

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately we didn't record it live, thats basically the only that I would like to change if we re-recorded the songs today, So yeah, we recorded each instrument by itself, a thing that won't happened again.

How is touring going for you?

Well, We can't say we're satisfied Haha! We always want more! But in early April we went to Germany for the first time and it was really really awesome, The audience is very different from Sweden and the support is better in general.

What is your opinion about psychedelic/hard rock scene these days?

You mean the new bands? I love it, really! When it comes to this style of music, the 21th century started where Black Sabbath left sort of speak, I mean, During this century we got more and better albums then the 80's and 90's together, if you're talking about _this_ style of music.

How about some future plans for the band?

Right now we just finished recorded our EP that will be released during the Summer, We will also play at the Swedish festival Muskelrock  (Musclerock) Which is the strongest festival on earth. We're right now dealing for our upcoming album and we have a few things in the cauldron, You'll see soon enough!

Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have anything else to say about the band or yourself, that I didn't ask?

Thank you! all people reading this should visit our myspace for music and facebook for updates! Take care and see you soon.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011

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