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Guru Guru interview with Mani Neumeier


Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview, Mani. How are you?

Hi Klemen, I am fine, just back from Japan tour with Acid Mothers Guru Guru .

I'm a huge fan of your band "Guru Guru". I think it's one of the most innovative bands I've ever heard. I'm really amazed how different there was time back in late 60's, early 70's. Do you miss those days, Mani?

Thanks. Yes, I miss sometimes, it was a very creativ time.

Your first album is called "UFO" and it's my favourite. Lots of improvisation. You were really inspired by avant-garde jazz, and what else did inspire you? How was the LP accepted by people?

Yes, UFO is still magic. We were inspired by photos of galaxys, Hendrix, natur sounds,LSD, the movement in Germany + others.

Then you released "Hinten" and "Känguru", which is another release I love so much. Can you share a few words about this two releases. I would like to know what do you remember the most from the recording session and the production of the LP?

It was great to work + recording with Conny Plank, we got new possibillities and new ears.


You were involved in so many great music projects. Can you pick few, you had fun and were satisfied with the most.J

The 1. important group was, Irene Schweizer trio, also with Peter Brötzmann trio, Manfred Schoof quintet, Jazz meets India, Globe Unity Orchestra, GURU GURU (now 43 years+3000 concerts!)

If you have some great story about past touring with "Guru Guru", please share with us.

It could fill a book, we had great times with many people.

Could you say something about your musical career and work during the 1980s & 1990s?

I formed a group, Neumeiers Neue Psychadelia, started my solo performance and played with Harmonia (Möbius) and Guru Guru and the Duo, Tiere der Nacht, With Luigi Archetti, git. In 1996 my waxfigure was set up in the Tokyo waxmuseum and we where invited wit GG for a Japan tour. It was the beginning of my Japan life. I also played with Damo Suzuki (Can) network in Japan 1997 and meet many Jap.musicians.

What are your current activities in music?

I play with Guru Guru many concerts - last year over 60! We just released our new CD, Doublebind, -had a tour with Acid Mothers Guru Guru in Japan, played in Australia solo +
with Austr.musician and also in New Zealand.bring out many CD's - See my homepage ..etc.

How do you feel about the fact, that young people from other parts of the world listen and enjoy your music? (I'm only 20 myself)

This point makes me happy, everywhere when I travel around the world, people tell me they like it. Great feeling.

I would like to say, I really appreciate your effort for making this interview. I'm really happy I had chance to talk with you about your music career. Would you like to share with us anything else about "Guru Guru" or yourself, that I perhaps didn't ask?

I want to say thank you to all this fans, who support us all this long times and come to our concerts, arigato.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011

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