‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases | ‘Phantom Idol’ Out Now!

Uncategorized July 11, 2024

‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases | ‘Phantom Idol’ Out Now!

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases, taken from the latest album ‘Phantom Idol,’ out today via Coconut Spaceship Records.

Today, L.A. neo-psych group, Dream Phases, share their new LP ‘Phantom Idol.’ The album is due 7/12 and is set to continue the shoegaze, psychedelic, indie rock sound that Dream Phases has continually grown and mastered over the course of their two former albums.

On the album, Brandon Graham says, “‘Phantom Idol’ is our third full length album that was written and recorded between 2022-2023. It has by far the most collaborative writing of any of our albums so far, as Shane, Keveen and I co-wrote about half of the tracks on the album as opposed to writing the songs individually. We initially recorded demos for all of the songs, and some extra outtakes, and then we brought those to producers Matt Schuessler (Cat Power, Kurt Vile) and Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck, Dr. Dog). With Matt and Rob we re-recorded everything, refining tempos and espeically the tones of the instruments. We also had the pleasure of having several guests perform on the album including Jeff Schroeder (ex-Smashing Pumpkins, Dan Gee, Marc Agostini, and Omar Medina as well as having our part time band mates Anthony Marks and Pablo Orue, who have recorded on many of our songs over the years.

For the artwork we collaborated with Asuka Watanabe on the album cover and design and Scott Duffey (Toucan Tango) on all of the singles’ art. The vinyl and digital release is coming out on Coconut Spaceship Records, while the tape will be released on Mutation Records. We are going to do an initial run of California and Nevada shows, with further dates later this year.

Like our previous album, ‘New Distractions,’ this new album was very much conceived as a complete album as opposed to singles compiled together. Thematically the album deals with a good amount of self discovery and self reflection as well as personal relationships. It also continues our influence of living in Los Angeles, and our love of California in general with a healthy dose of escapism mixed in there. ‘Phantom Idol’ comes the closest to what we initially envisioned both sonically and performance wise, and we can’t wait to share the record.”

Headline photo: Carlos Chaves

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