‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases | New Album, ‘Phantom Idol’

Uncategorized July 2, 2024

‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases | New Album, ‘Phantom Idol’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Turn Away’ by Dream Phases, taken from the latest album ‘Phantom Idol,’ out today via Coconut Spaceship Records.

Today, Los Angeles-based neo-psych band Dream Phases releases ‘Turn Away,’ the third single from their forthcoming album, ‘Phantom Idol.’ Scheduled for release on July 12th, the album promises to further develop the shoegaze, psychedelic, and indie rock sound that Dream Phases has honed over their previous two albums.

Brandon Graham says “‘Turn Away’ is an upbeat driving track that is our west coast filtered take on 70’s German rock that has been a big influence on us. Shane, Keveen and myself wrote this song together, from scratch, one late summer night in the studio. It started with the grooving bassline followed by the drum beat and guitar hook. Keveen and I harmonize on the Turn Away lyric, as well as trade the lead vocals on various verses. We brought the song to producer Rob Schnapf, who has worked on some of our favorite albums, including the majority of Elliott Smith’s discography, Beck’s Mellow Gold, and AA Bondys Believers. Rob suggested we slow down the track a bit from its original tempo and that helped to solidify the groove, while still being upbeat it made the song feel more relaxed and cruising. For the music video we worked with our frequent collaborator, Matt Lingo. We filmed all over Southern California, including Encinitas at Swami’s the legendary surf beach, San Diego at Balboa Park, many locations in Death Valley and Highland Park in Los Angeles. I was able to drive a 1966 Chrysler Newport in the video and cruise around Encinitas. This is the final single before Phantom Idol is released on July 12th.”

Headline photo: Carlos Chaves

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