‘Paint It All in Blue’ by Mayflower Madame | New Album, ‘Insight’

Uncategorized June 25, 2024

‘Paint It All in Blue’ by Mayflower Madame | New Album, ‘Insight’

Available on all digital platforms starting today, June 25, 2024, ‘Paint It All in Blue’ is the electrifying second single from Norwegian band Mayflower Madame’s eagerly awaited third album, ‘Insight,’ set to drop this fall through their own label Night Cult Records, in collaboration with Up In Her Room (UK) and Icy Cold Records (France).

The single boasts contributions from Kenneth Eknes (synth) and Rune Overby (guitar). Following the rave reviews of their first single ‘A Foretold Ecstasy,’ ‘Paint It All in Blue’ casts an immediate spell with its pulsing bass lines, motorik drums, and mesmerizing guitars. Midway through, it expands, immersing listeners in a dreamlike sea of melancholia.

Frontman Trond Fagernes amplifies the emotional intensity with his deeply resonant lyrics about addiction and escapism, portraying love as a potent drug. Blending the rhythmic grooves of kraut-rock and post-punk with the mesmerizing atmospherics of shoegaze and neo-psychedelia, ‘Paint It All in Blue’ is a profoundly dynamic song that reveals new layers with every listen.

The accompanying video, directed by visual artist and designer Astrid Serck, amplifies the song’s mood with a captivating blend of collage animations and symbolic imagery, teetering between expressionism and surrealism.

Mayflower Madame’s reputation has surged in recent years, extending well beyond their Oslo origins. Their debut album, ‘Observed in a Dream’ (2016), garnered critical acclaim and resulted in tours throughout Europe and North America. The 2020 follow-up, ‘Prepared for a Nightmare,’ cemented their status as one of Europe’s leading bands, skillfully blending cinematic psych-gaze with dark ’80s romanticism.

Headline photo: Astrid Serck

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