‘Speed of Light’ by Dream Phases | New Album, ‘Phantom Idol’

Uncategorized May 21, 2024

‘Speed of Light’ by Dream Phases | New Album, ‘Phantom Idol’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Speed of Light’ by Dream Phases, taken from the upcoming album ‘Phantom Idol,’ slated for release on July 12, 2024, via Coconut Spaceship Records.

The album will continue the shoegaze, psychedelic, indie rock sound that Dream Phases has honed over their previous two albums. The single is accompanied by a dreamy music video that’s sure to elevate your consciousness.

Frequent collaborator Matt Lingo described ‘Speed of Light’ as “…An ethereal wash of choral vocals giv[ing] way to one of the most electrifying riffs in Dream Phases’s discography, and from here, all bets are off. ‘Speed of Light’ is a sonic hall of mirrors, constantly folding in on itself and reshaping. “I can’t come back, I can’t come back down,” sings Brandon Graham–fitting for a song that represents a new center of gravity for this band.”

Expanding on the fluid and evolving sonic experience of ‘Speed of Light,’ band member Brandon Graham shares how ‘Speed of Light’ is a full-on collaboration between bandmates, as each member contributed to the final piece. The song is unique because there are many tempo changes throughout, and it doesn’t follow a typical structure. Shane wrote most of the instrumental to the song and Keveen was influenced by just finishing Einstein’s Relativity. I helped with some of the vocal melodies and guitar parts. The song then came together completely in the studio with the help of producer Matt Schuessler. It feels like one of our more unique songs, and is quite a challenge to pull off live.”

Headline photo: Carlos Chaves

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