‘Quando L’Amore’ by Lametia | New Album, ‘Messa Di Voce’

Uncategorized May 13, 2024

‘Quando L’Amore’ by Lametia | New Album, ‘Messa Di Voce’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Quando L’Amore’ by Lametia, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Messa Di Voce,’ set to release on May 29, 2024, on Non Piangere Dischi in digital and cassette formats.

‘Quando L’Amore’ is offering a mesmerizing glimpse into their upcoming album, ‘Messa Di Voce.’ Born in the vibrant city of Rome in 2020, Lametia comprises Camilo Calarco Arasanu on double bass, Adriano Cava on electronics, guitar, and trumpet, and Jason La Mecca on clarinet, drums, and vocals. Their sonic exploration navigates through improvisation sessions and electroacoustic experimentation, fusing abstract free-form hallucinations with elements of psychedelic rock and jazz. Drawing from diverse musical backgrounds including classical, computer music, and songwriting, Lametia’s sound is a captivating blend of genres and influences.

In 2021, wraawraaa, the independent label founded by the band WOW, released their first cassette, a split with violinist Mira titled ‘Dal Vivo Al Fanfulla,’ featuring the track ‘Plano’ on the Shawalation compilation. Since then, Lametia has sporadically appeared for concerts, improvisations, and theatre soundtracks, leaving audiences spellbound with their dynamic performances.

‘Messa Di Voce’ marks Lametia’s debut album, showcasing ten tracks that intertwine their years of improvisational prowess and live performances. From instrumental ambient moments to unstructured songs and unhinged rhythms, the album is a sonic journey of intensity and heterogeneity. The tracklist features mesmerizing compositions such as ‘Dunque Ermilo Cardo,’ ‘CuruLeufu,’ and the captivating ‘Quando L’Amore.’

Recorded analogically at Boto’s Farm in Cuneo by Alberto Dutto in January 2023, ‘Messa Di Voce’ was mixed by Dutto and mastered by Matt Bordin at Inside Outside Studio. The album features Camilo Calarco Arasanu on double bass, Adriano Cava on guitar, electronics, trumpet, percussion, and piano, Jason La Mecca on vocals, clarinet, drums, and piano, and Mira on violin for ‘Rodinia’ and ‘Messa Di Voce.’

Experience the transcendent sounds of Lametia’s ‘Quando L’Amore’ and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of ‘Messa Di Voce,’ a testament to the boundless creativity and musical ingenuity of this innovative trio.

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