‘During Retrograde’ by Jeff Moller | “Royal Oakie – Summer 2024”

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‘During Retrograde’ by Jeff Moller | “Royal Oakie – Summer 2024”

‘During Retrograde’ is an unreleased track from Moller’s 2023 debut album ‘Sigh Baby.’ It will be featured on the upcoming compilation ‘Royal Oakie – Summer 2024,’ set to release on July 5th.

The song was produced by David Glasebrook and Jeff Moller, mixed by Jason Quever (Papercuts), and mastered by David Glasebrook. The compilation also includes tracks from recent and upcoming releases by Curling, Iain Mann, Donald Beaman, Half Stack, Holy Matter, and more, along with previously unreleased tracks by Natural Bridges.

Jeff Moller’s debut album, ‘Sigh Baby,’ highlights his evolution from a journeyman musician to a solo artist. Blending indie-rock, garage, psych, and country influences, Moller delivers ten slacker anthems that evoke a fog-pop version of Tom Petty.

The pandemic provided Moller with the impetus to focus on his own music, encouraged by producer David Glasebrook. Recording began in Crockett, CA, with Jason Quever (Papercuts), and continued with overdubs in Moller’s Oakland apartment, a style he dubs “subterranean apartment pop.”

Moller relocated to Nashville in 2021, continuing to collaborate with Glasebrook remotely. The album, later mixed in Oakland, recalls the sounds of Superdrag, Tom Petty, and Allah-Las. Contributions from former bandmates and friends, including Sugar Candy Mountain and Michael James Tapscott, enrich the project.

‘Sigh Baby’ captures Moller’s sardonic humor, melodic hooks, and colorful arrangements, marking a fresh chapter in his musical journey.

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‘Sigh Baby’ by Jeff Moller | Album Premiere

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