R.Y.F. | Interview | New Album, ‘Deep Dark Blue’

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R.Y.F. | Interview | New Album, ‘Deep Dark Blue’

R.Y.F.’s latest album, ‘Deep Dark Blue,’ delves into the depths of emotion and experience with haunting beauty and raw honesty.

From the hypnotic rhythms of ‘Can I Can U,’ featuring Skin from Skunk Anansie, to the soul-stirring collaboration with Moor Mother on ‘Blue,’ the album traverses diverse sonic landscapes while maintaining a cohesive narrative thread. R.Y.F.’s evocative lyrics and mesmerizing melodies draw listeners into a world of introspection and introspective reflection.

‘Deep Dark Blue’ is more than just an album; it’s a journey through the shadows of the human soul, illuminated by flashes of hope and resilience.


“We all know that discrimination is all around us”

How did the collaboration with Skin from Skunk Anansie on the single ‘Can I Can U’ come about? It must have been exciting to work together.

It has been very exciting but also moving because I’m a big fan of Skin, and she has always been a great inspiration for me. After getting to know each other through social media, in the summer of 2022, I opened three Skunk Anansie concerts, and since then, we’ve stayed in touch. I had been dreaming of writing a song with Skin for a long time, so I asked her and sent the track. She said she was happy to do it.

Tell us about the background of the song ‘Can I Can U’.

‘Can I Can U’ talks about love, freedom, and queerness. We all know that discrimination is all around us, and sometimes it’s difficult to feel free to live our lives as we desire. So, I wrote a powerful dance song that can give strength to people to follow their dreams.


How does Moor Mother’s collaboration on ‘Blue’ contribute to the overall mood of ‘Deep Dark Blue’?

I thought Moor Mother would be perfect for a track on ‘Deep Dark Blue’ because her voice is warm and deep, like a blue velvet drape that fits perfectly with the mood of the album and gives it an unexpected and amazing breakthrough.

Would you love it if you could share some further words about the recording and producing of your latest album?

‘Deep Dark Blue’ was recorded in May 2023 at La Distilleria recording studio. I had already worked with Maurizio ‘Icio’ Baggio for the mixing and mastering of the previous album, so I wanted to continue this collaboration, but this time from the beginning. So, I went to the studio with my pre-production, some forays by Matteo Vallicelli, and started from there. We worked together on the recording and production of the album. I love how Icio works, his taste and ideas. We immediately got along and had a lot of fun.

“I really would like to make people feel happy and understood”

What emotions or experiences do you aim to evoke in listeners through the songs on ‘Deep Dark Blue’?

I really would like to make people feel happy and understood. Even if the lyrics are often personal and speak about my experiences, they can be shared or viewed from different points of view. The message is always: hey, you’re not the only one, you’re not alone, we can do it, together.

Would you like to talk a bit about your background and how that brings us to who you are today?

I’ve played the guitar and sung since I was 15, but I never went to lessons. My first concert was at 17, and in that moment, I realized that I would never stop. I fell in love with that feeling, the freedom of expressing myself without rules. Since then, I’ve played in several bands until 2012 when I decided to be alone on the stage again. My influences are clear; I was a teenager in love with grunge and punk rock, and over the years, I’ve listened to a lot of alt-rock, post-rock, and indie from the 2000s. I’ve always liked dance music and electro, so at some point, I had to meet synths and drum machines, and they got me.

Do you have any active side projects going on at this point?

I’m still working with Motus, bringing ‘Tutto Brucia’ and its soundtrack concert version on tour, but it’s still under my name. There are no other projects going on at the moment.

Photo by Simona Diacci

Let’s end this interview with some of your favorite albums. Have you found something new lately you would like to recommend to our readers?

Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to old stuff, some of which are also my favorite albums, like Tool’s ‘Lateralus,’ Bjork’s ‘Post,’ Pj Harvey’s ‘To Bring You My Love,’ and Skunk Anansie’s ‘Stoosh’. Recently, I discovered Aunty Rayzor, and I like her latest album.

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Headline photo: Simona Diacci

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