‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ by Rose Haze

Uncategorized April 22, 2024

‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ by Rose Haze

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ by shoegaze outfit Rose Haze.

When Kate Ramsey met Ruben Gonzales in early 2019, they instantly connected over their shared passion for music, calling their partnership an “eternal marriage in music.” Together, they transformed Rose Haze’s sound from its progressive rock roots into a blend of dream pop, shoegaze, new wave, psych rock, and experimental noise. The duo often likened their musical chemistry to that of Cocteau Twins’ ‘Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser,’ which inspired them to record a cover of ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’.

Tragically, Gonzales passed away unexpectedly on January 31, 2024, at just 37 years old due to complications from cancer—a condition he and everyone around him were unaware of. On the same day he died, Rose Haze received the final mix of their cover of ‘Heaven or Las Vegas.’ What began as a homage to Cocteau Twins has since become a poignant tribute to Gonzales himself. Rose Haze chose this particular track because Ramsey enjoyed interpreting its lyrics, loved the melody, and knew that Gonzales would excel with the guitar work. Although Rose Haze appreciated other Cocteau Twins songs, Gonzales was initially reluctant to cover ‘Heaven or Las Vegas,’ but it grew on him as he explored its subtleties during recording.

Ramsey knew that covering a track carried risks for an artist, and at first, she wanted to make their version significantly different from the original. However, as they progressed, she realized she didn’t want to stray too far because Gonzales’ guitar work was so precise. The band draws considerable inspiration from Cocteau Twins, making this cover a tribute to the iconic group and now, more poignantly, a way to honor Gonzales’ memory.

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