‘Dream Of You’ by BLŪMĒ | New Album, ‘Everything Is Going To Be O​.​K.’

Uncategorized April 19, 2024

‘Dream Of You’ by BLŪMĒ | New Album, ‘Everything Is Going To Be O​.​K.’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Dream Of You’ by BLŪMĒ, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Everything Is Going To Be O​.​K.,’ out April 26, 2024.

In their debut album, ‘Everything Is Going To Be O.K.,’ BLŪMĒ emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of post-punk-indie-dance-rock. The album kicks off with a memorable percussive beat that sets the tone for the melodic journey ahead. Album showcase BLŪMĒ’s signature blend of gritty distortion, theatrical flair, and seductive lyricism.

Throughout the album, BLŪMĒ captivates listeners with their passionate yet devious lyrics, delivered in a seductive lullabye that draws them into a world of hedonistic enchantment. Each song, with its bopping groove and intoxicating energy, promises a decadent danceability that is impossible to resist. 

Drawing inspiration from the late 1960s and early 1970s, BLŪMĒ infuses their music with a nostalgic yet contemporary flair. The album is a testament to their playful musicality and knack for crafting catchy melodies that linger in the mind long after the music has stopped.

“The narrative unfolds within a hazy party setting, where each band member embarks on a personal odyssey through unique dreamscapes. Through a mesmerizing blend of surreal imagery, the band invites viewers to explore the labyrinth of their subconscious minds, where reality intertwines with fantasy.” – BLŪMĒ 

With ‘Everything Is Going To Be O.K.,’ BLŪMĒ announces themselves as a band with limitless potential and a sound that is uniquely their own.

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