Chrononaut Cocktailbar / Flight of the Sloths by No Man’s Valley | Premiere

Uncategorized April 19, 2024

Chrononaut Cocktailbar / Flight of the Sloths by No Man’s Valley | Premiere

Exclusive premiere of ‘Chrononaut Cocktailbar/Flight Of The Sloths’ by No Man’s Valley, out today via Tonzonen Records.

Following the cathartic release of their dark psych blues opus ‘Outside the Dream’ in 2019, No Man’s Valley embarked on a brief journey of live performances before the world seemingly ground to a halt. Amidst the global pandemic, the band adapted, harnessing modern technology to sustain their creative momentum. Ironically, just as the band discovered a renewed vitality, their rhythm was once more disrupted. Undeterred, they persisted, navigating the turbulent waters with deliberate care and unity, weaving their collective vision amidst the chaos.

Their journey, as much a destination as a goal, led them to craft not one, but two distinct musical offerings. ‘Chrononaut Cocktailbar’ emerged as a synthesis of disparate compositions, each imbued with its own narrative and energy. Meanwhile, ‘Flight of the Sloths’ stands as a testament to their live prowess, a singular behemoth of sound.

Within this dichotomy lies the essence of No Man’s Valley — the balance between structured melodies and boundless creativity. Yet never before has this contrast been so pronounced, the interplay between light and dark, softness and aggression, reaching new depths. In embracing these dualities, No Man’s Valley has found their equilibrium, and ‘Chrononaut Cocktailbar’ stands as a testament to their journey towards inner peace.

Describing No Man’s Valley’s sound is akin to capturing lightning in a bottle. Their music summons the psychedelic spirits of bygone eras, evoking echoes of The Doors and Pink Floyd, while simultaneously engaging in a gritty skirmish with dark post-punk. It’s a sonic landscape where danceable rhythms intertwine with introspective melodies, consistently delivering an exhilarating and slightly off-kilter experience.

Headline photo: No Man’s Valley (2024) | Dinand Claessens (drums), Rob Perree (bass), Christian Keijsers (guitar), Ruud van den Munckhof (keys), Jasper Hesselink (vocals)

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