‘Your Smile is Hoax’ by Psychic Graveyard | New Album, ‘Wilting’

Uncategorized March 1, 2024

‘Your Smile is Hoax’ by Psychic Graveyard | New Album, ‘Wilting’

Psychic Graveyard share ‘Your Smile is a Hoax,’ taken from their upcoming album, ‘Wilting,’ set to release on June 7, 2024.

“‘This Butthole Surfers bass guitar sounds awesome! Let’s put some synth and bass guitar together.’ That was the main impetus for creating this song—the craving for a fuzzed-out bass guitar. Over the years, we’ve realized that our songs are birthed in pairs. ‘Your Smile is a Hoax’ is the sister to another Psychic Graveyard track off this upcoming album called ‘Haunted By Your Bloodline’.

Both feature the use of two low-register instruments playing off of each other, with a higher synth note popping obnoxiously out of the mix. We feel as though it helps keep the chaos grounded. Those higher swirl elements come from a forgotten field recording of an ambulance passing by Nate’s house in San Diego. Lyrically, it fills in the listener with some of our experiences as an afflicted band in today’s world, traveling all over the place while we’re wounded, but somehow having a blast while we’re out there—bleeding everywhere.”

Showcasing an intense surge of creativity through four complete albums—’Loud As Laughter,’ ‘A Bluebird Vacation,’ ‘Veins Feel Strange,’ and their latest standout release ‘Wilting’—Psychic Graveyard reliably produces captivating and disquieting musical compositions.

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