‘Afterparty’ by Popstar | New EP, ‘Obscene’

Uncategorized February 29, 2024

‘Afterparty’ by Popstar | New EP, ‘Obscene’

Today, Minneapolis, Minnesota new band Popstar unveils ‘Afterparty,’ the first single off their debut EP, ‘Obscene,’ due for release digitally on April 12th, 2024.

The song is led by an array of glitchy synthesis, powerful vocals conditioned for conviction, drums pounding down your door, guttural metal guitars, and of course a loud and proud chorus. A juxtaposing wild ride of grooving dynamics and full throttle intensity the band’s cocktail of boundaryless ideas holds interest all the way from start to finish. A long list of genre influences can be heard here ranging from rock, electronic, metal, industrial, and even some modern day hyperpop.

Attached to the single is a music video produced by LA based writer and filmmaker Lulennox centered around the duo and various shenanigans laced in vogue. Lu worked closely with the group to develop a scheme to capture a strong first impression of Popstar. The idea for the video came carefully over months of going back and forth with weekly zoom calls organizing a bullet proof vision; the roll out of actually filming the video ended up being an extremely precise plan.

The first location was The Zebra House, a haven for adventure in Shoreview, Minnesota a city about an hour outside of the metropolitan area, was the landscape for all the flashy and fashion forward shots. The second location was a private antique car club the band outsourced from a friend of a friend to host all the live band shots and give the video a juxtaposing feel, much like the audio. “It was an intense endeavor at an intense time for an intense debut release all captured in 4k.”

The EP is already available for pre-order at the following link.

Headline photo: Sam Bramble

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