‘Struggle Channel’ by Swim Ignorant Fire | New Album, ‘Glow’

Uncategorized December 8, 2023

‘Struggle Channel’ by Swim Ignorant Fire | New Album, ‘Glow’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Struggle Channel’ by Swim Ignorant Fire, taken from the latest album, ‘Glow’.

The 25th release from Swim Ignorant Fire, ‘Glow’ brings a new direction into organic instrumentation with contributions from Yea Big on bass clarinet and Nate Hahn (Ohtis) on bowed and traditional pedal steel guitar. Holligers’ ethereal drones from a bliptronic 5k cloud in the background while piano chords swell and cluster.

Listen as this unique trio soars to new heights with their expansive organic sound. Exploring themes of loss and nostalgia. Oozing a dark, yet hopeful airy landscape that is unfamiliar yet guided by a perseverant glow.

Pedal Steel – Nate Hahn
Bass Clarinet – Yea Big
Piano, electronics – Stephen Holliger

Director / Editor – Ryan Hart
Cinematographer- Adam Sitton
DIT – Chris Gora
Utility / Grip – Ron Stephens
Horse – Tally

Swim Ignorant Fire Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp / YouTube

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