‘Will Not Pretend’ by Paul Nourigat | New Album, ‘Smiles That Pass By’

Uncategorized November 16, 2023

‘Will Not Pretend’ by Paul Nourigat | New Album, ‘Smiles That Pass By’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Will Not Pretend’ by Paul Nourigat, taken from the upcoming album ‘Smiles That Pass By,’ out April 2024.

This is the second single released for Paul Nourigat’s 5th album, “Smiles That Pass By”, to be released April 2024. “Will Not Pretend” is 1 of 10 originals on the coming album, offering his view of the curious paths of friendships throughout his six decades of life, and the importance he places on friendships, regardless their paths. Learn more at www.PaulFromPortland.com Credits to John Duncan for his piano score and play, electric guitarist Jeff Johnson, and cellist Juan Ferreras. Kudos also to mixing/mastering by Adam Selzer

“One of the 10 biggest lessons I’ve learned in life is that friendships evolve in curious and unanticipated ways. ‘Will Not Pretend’ offers my reflections on the wide range of feelings that accompany friendships. The album’s other nine tracks reflect the other nine aha-moments I’ve experienced after six decades on this good earth.”

Paul Nourigat has been a “musical bystander” his whole life. Five years ago, however, he picked up a guitar and five thoughtfully-themed albums later he hasn’t looked back. With steely determination and no formal musical training, Paul learned to play ukulele, guitar, sing, write songs, and produce.

Today, Paul is an Americana singer-songwriter with a richly diverse catalog of songs that traverse folk, country, rock, and blues. The Portland, Oregon-based artist’s latest album, ‘Smiles That Pass By,’ stands out in his oeuvre for being his most uplifting and empowering. It features 10 original songs brimming with universally-resonant personal stories and aha-moments, reaching across genres and generations.

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