Kiyazami | Self-Titled Debut Album Premiere

Uncategorized November 23, 2023

Kiyazami | Self-Titled Debut Album Premiere

Exclusive premiere of debut self-titled album by Kiyazami, out November 24th via Psychedelic Source Records.

Psychedelic Source will digitally release this new instrumental-psych-jazz-trio that recorded a stunning debut, out tomorrow. 

“Psychedelic Source aims to embrace the concept of crystallizing from chaos, navigating through challenges, both big and small, in a way that mirrors the natural order of things. Tracing subtle cues, instincts, empathy, numerous spontaneous ideas, a remarkable jewel amid the array of emotional enhancements, intoxicated gatherings in a rehearsal space from years past, collaborative performances, impromptu woodland jams, session drumming… so this so is the chaos from which Kiyazami just crystallized for us, from such jazz musicians as Tibor Kovács, showcased on the second “River Flows Reverse” album and the impromptu “Melted Lights” recording from a spontaneous Pilot Voyager session, and Iván Eln, a pillar in our sonic gatherings. He is also featured on the second “River” album and in our highly appreciated improvisation ‘Blues for La Vieja’. Following the brief interval of ‘Planet Harakiri’ after ‘Contremarque,’ these two wizards reunited, and supplemented with Ákos Varga’s virtuosic management of the lower registers, they conjured an atmosphere that left even me astounded. A jazz guitarist who uses analog modular effects is a rarity, and a proficient one is even rarer. Iván crafts a world that is beautiful, lovely, and melancholic – the kind we enter in our dreams. Only weeks later do we recall what transpired, often in the form of faint impressions. This audacious dream conjuring is restrained by an unassuming yet proud rhythm section, akin to a Middle American shaman. Additionally, malevolent spirits seem to intertwine between the two voices, although I believe Iván need not be fearful. The composed drummer is a priceless asset, particularly one who possesses comprehensive knowledge without flaunting it. Similarly, the bass player refrains from launching into slapping techniques at the mere mention of fusion—a gift from the feathered serpent. All additional latent information is proudly and generously provided to us at no cost by the excellent and brand-new Kiyazami trio.” – Bence Ambrus of Psychedelic Source

“Recording in most cases marks the end of a process. There are no well-trodden paths to this particular process, but at the same time, the closure is easier to characterize: the songs embark on their independent journey, the band edges closer to a point of repose, live gigs are scheduled, and soon after new songs are crafted and a new recording session comes to the horizon. We decided together to see if this process also works in reverse. Freshly formed, without songs or preconceptions, we went down to the studio to record in pursuit of our sound. The outcome was a complete improvisation akin to summoning spirits: we recorded the ghosts of songs and structures, sometimes closely palpable, at other times concealed. Little is known about the life of spirits, so it is also an open question whether these sessions will stay with us or return to the domain of spirits.” – Kiyazami

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