‘the label’ by salamander | New Album, ‘[container]’

Uncategorized October 4, 2023

‘the label’ by salamander | New Album, ‘[container]’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘the label’ by salamander, taken from the upcoming album, ‘[container],’ out October 18th via Cropsey Records.

Brooklyn-based salamander (Leo Frampton, PJ Hunter, and Ben Verde) recently announced details for their forthcoming debut LP, ‘[container],’ due October 18 on all DSPs via Cropsey Records.

Following the previous release of the record’s first few singles (‘ride,’ ‘xylem,’ and ‘wildfire’), today, the band returns with its newest cut, ‘the label’. With a distorted yet melodic experimental shoegaze bite, the track propels forward with sludgy verses and a head-bobbing guitar-driven backbone.

As Frampton wrote on the track’s origins: “I woke up one morning with the melody to the label in my head, and immediately made a guitar demo on my computer. PJ’s ableton beat on this really gives me chills. I have a verse about loneliness and alienation, PJ later sings about surviving the apocalypse, and in an emotional ending, we bring it all together. ‘the label’ is what people see from the outside, it is what they choose to look at or away from.”

The track additionally comes alongside an accompanying visual, created by Brandon Pettis. As Pettis wrote: “The idea is a super super abridged history of humanity.”

Headline photo: Photo by Dan Dickerman

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‘xylem’ by salamander | New Album, ‘[container]’

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