‘Moving Murals’ by Sleepy Genes | EP premiere

Uncategorized October 2, 2023

‘Moving Murals’ by Sleepy Genes | EP premiere

Exclusive EP premiere of ‘Moving Murals’ by Sleepy Genes, out October 6, 2023, on all streaming services.

‘The Moving Murals’ EP represents a collaboration between Jes Bonin, Kelly Sorbel, and Jes’s longtime friend and high school buddy, producer Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, Mountain Goats, Swans). The EP was recorded in Portland, Oregon, in the legendary Dandy Warhols’ studio the Odditorium, over a long weekend. Sorbel anchored the recording with his versatile musicianship, contributing bass, drums, lead & second guitar, and an experimental edge in songwriting and composition.

These six songs reflect a personal breaking point. Ranging in topics from PTSD, depression, technological dystopia, addiction, cheating, gun violence, and OCD, the work is a catharsis, a public outcry, a protest. Made on the heels of a traumatic abortion, these songs are deeply intimate and autobiographical, representing a different kind of procreation and a movement through grief.

Sleepy Genes was founded in 2015 in a basement in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, when Kelly Sorbel’s rough & tumble punk drumming pushed Jes to shred harder with her songs. PNW-based musician Jes le Bon (Jess Bonin), can make an orchestra from a garage sale, a symphony from a swap meet. It is, of course, the imagination that weaves the world together. The multi-disciplinary artist has made a successful career of turning their world into a mosaic of the miscellaneous. Jes’s songs have been described as a “mid 90’s alt-rock explosion with bold and energized vocals”. They’ve participated in a number of bands along their journey – and seen enough dive bars to be an aficionado. They’ve also played famed festivals like the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle and released music on the prestigious K Records label. A guitar player, a keys tickler, a tattooer, an artist, an educator and a songwriter the type you hope to meet when the universe looks like cigarette smoke above you, Jes will rattle out the idea from your mind like a penny from a piggybank.

Headline photo: Sleepy Genes | Kelly, Jes and Brandon at the Odditorium, 2019

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