Umlaut Announce ‘Every Time’ Single

Uncategorized June 5, 2023

Umlaut Announce ‘Every Time’ Single

Umlaut is excited to launch their single ‘Every Time,’ a shapeshifting rock track that is melodically luscious and deeply satisfying. With a chorus that doesn’t quit, ‘Every Time’ is an eccentric rock anthem that is impossible to forget.

“I was losing my mind, frantically composing music for a TV show” – explains Clinton “Bar” McKinnon: “And all of a sudden, as if borne of angels this simple figure appeared with a bit of fun, yeah? A wee pull-over from the day-to-day TV music grind. A detour-mantra to reset my rattled psychology. Put a goofy voice memo on the phone then build it out with a few more sections.”

“’Every Time’ is an echo from my childhood —the 70s hard rock that my older sisters were listening to as I was growing up which then time-warps into our present-day phone addiction dilemmas saved only by Danny Heifetz riding the groove bareback on a unicorn.”

After moving to Australia in the early 2000s, the core member of Mr. Bungle, McKinnon dedicated himself to exploring the depth of the composition in a rock-format. And Umlaut became the perfect vehicle for this. ‘Every Time’ borrows from classic ‘70s rock but is complemented by Umlaut’s trademark harmonic complexity. A reflection of a recollection, the track’s Thin Lizzy-esque sound tells a colorful, sonic story. While the addition of another classical member of Mr.Bungle, Danny Heifetz, adds the necessary degree of experimentalism to the project.

“A dream came true!” – says Bär, who’d musically reconnected with the old colleague for the first time since the release of ‘California’: “Danny is a really good musician and a delight to behold.”

Headline photo: Bailey Judd

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