Michael James Tapscott – ‘Beasts of History’ (2023)

Uncategorized June 6, 2023

Michael James Tapscott – ‘Beasts of History’ (2023)

Michael James Tapscott’s new adventure ‘Beasts of History’ floated through my door like a breath of fresh air, like something I’d been waiting for, yet didn’t know it.

There’s a remarkable sense of the familiar here, a sense of things half remembered, circling in a hazy blue sky looking for a place to land. Michael’s music doesn’t hit you hard, nor does it sneak up on you, it’s more like a conversation you’re having with a good friend over the back fence that just never ends. All of the numbers resound with a brightness, a nod & a wink, bathed with the luster of things you keep around because they feel good, because they instinctively harken back treasured memories. While I’m not one given to comparisons, the ghost of Del Shannon was certainly hovering around my listening space.

All of the songs are well considered, well played and from the heart. You’ll be treated to a variety of effects and instrumentations that heighten the overall engagement without stealing the show. Add to that, there’s a soulful comfortable romance to Michael’s vocals that will endlessly roll around in your head in a jangling fashion of trust; as if he’s belaying secret stories tuned for your ears only. If you find yourself smitten by alternative country, or wasted cosmic Americana, this album will slide easily into your back pocket, a trusted easygoing affair that will have you reaching time and again for a second spin.

Jenell Kesler

Michael James Tapscott – ‘Beasts of History’ (Royal Oakie Records 2023)

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