‘Berger / Hello Mister’ by Spirit Disorder

Uncategorized May 19, 2023

‘Berger / Hello Mister’ by Spirit Disorder

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Berger / Hello Mister’ by Spirit Disorder, a new project founded by Carlito Cunaguaro and Adam Majdecki-Janicki.

Spirit Disorder is a new rock band from Poznań, Poland, founded in May 2023 by producer and musician Carlito Cunaguaro and veteran of the Polish underground scene, Adam Majdecki-Janicki (a.k.a. A.J. Kaufmann). So far they have recorded two demo tracks, ‘Holy Suicide’, and ‘Berger / Hello Mister’. ‘Berger’ first appeared on the A.J. Kaufmann LP ‘Stoned Gypsy Wanderer’ (Ramble Records, 2021).

Spirit Disorder plays original material only, although the ‘Hello Mister’ part in ‘Berger’ is lifted from an old Ramases song to give tribute to 70s hippie music. Spirit Disorder will appeal to fans of psych rock, stoner, classic rock, and hard rock. New material is currently in the works.

Spirit Disorder Official Website / SoundCloud / Bandcamp

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