Indie Noir rockers Oldolibo release debut single ‘Haberdashery’

Uncategorized April 17, 2023

Indie Noir rockers Oldolibo release debut single ‘Haberdashery’

New Orleans quartet Oldolibo have recently released ‘Haberdashery’ to the world, a self produced, two and a half minute foot stomping Vaudeville odyssey adorned with accordion, sitar, and raspy vocals.

Consisting of Fernando Macfarlane, Kaz Johnstone, Jacob Brusch and Jib Haddan, the band have slowly been teasing new music since last year via Instagram (@oldolibo), however this marks their first official release. The band have made a mark in the New Orleans indie & punk scene playing at local haunts such as Gasa Gasa, The Howlin’ Wolf, and The Goat, as well as cranking it up super loud in basements across the city via pop up shows and wild house parties; their preferred means of sonic liberation to the masses.

“The song was a jam we made for a video on our instagram.” explains bassist Jacob Brusch. “We then played it at a show and got a good reaction so we decided to really sit down and develop it as a concept. The song is a surreal journey through a soldier’s memory as he traces the history of violence in his life.”

In a stark sonic contrast to their sister band ‘Wild Roots Rising,’ a folk duo who they consistently gig with, Oldolibo appear to embrace the debaucherous nature of New Orleans with open arms, in an almost alter-ego-like nature. “It was I who struck the match” Macfarlane snarls in the chorus, as the mid song waltz comes to an abrupt halt, pivots to an exchange of shouts, and dives back into an uptempo swing. It’s no secret that the band wears their influences on their sleeves, as an obvious Tom Waits vibe brings the energy of songs like “Hoist That Rag” and “Singapore” to mind. This being said, Oldolibo definitely have their own unique, expansive flavor which audiences in The Big Easy and beyond should wait in fervent anticipation for.

“We want to make music that sounds like it’s coming out of a crusty radio in a burnt down house.”

“It’s as much for the acoustic bluesmen as for the mosh pit brawlers.” says Kaz Johnstone. “Oldolibo is about blending influences from all over the place. This particular song is basically a Tom Waits homage that spiraled out of control.

We’re into grimy crunchy aesthetics, New Orleans has definitely inspired that in us. We want to make music that sounds like it’s coming out of a crusty radio in a burnt down house.” – Fernando Macfarlane

Though the motives of the NOLA quartet will remain undisclosed for the time being, one thing is for certain, this is not the last you will hear of Oldolibo. They’re undoubtedly one to watch.

‘Haberdashery’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

Zach White

Headline photo by Zach White

Oldolibo Instagram / Bandcamp

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