‘Ruby Mountain’ by Anona | New Album, ‘Anona’

Uncategorized November 24, 2022

‘Ruby Mountain’ by Anona | New Album, ‘Anona’

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Ruby Mountain’ by Anona, taken from the latest self-titled album, out November 25th 2022 via Sound Effect Records & Strong Island Recordings.

Anona is the brainchild of Brighton born musician and artist Ella Russell. Rich in instrumentation and unfolding like pages of a book you don’t want to end, this debut timelessly blends elements of freak folk, jazz, classical and world influences, bringing a cinematic and diverse journey which is precariously balanced between joy and melancholy. Currently known as the drummer/flautist in up-and-coming band the New Eves and for her vocal work with Wax Machine, Ella is also a painter, who’s visionary work spills over into music.

Anona was recorded in a makeshift garden studio in February 2020, and is the outcome of four joyful days spent with friends and fellow musicians. “Anona is an immersive time capsule into Ella’s world of personal mythology. Beautifully picturesque, it evokes landscapes which feel out of this world yet warmly familiar.”

Anona is due out on black and red limited vinyl on November 25th, 2022 alongside single ‘Ruby Mountain’, with the digital EP to follow in January 2023.

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