‘Horse Suite II’ by Rose Haze | New Album, ‘Contemplations in the Desert’

Uncategorized November 28, 2022

‘Horse Suite II’ by Rose Haze | New Album, ‘Contemplations in the Desert’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Horse Suite II’ by Rose Haze, taken from the upcoming album, ‘Contemplations in the Desert,’ out December 2nd 2022.

Rose Haze is the ethereal experimental music project of Kate Ramsey. Ever-evolving over the years, the group has encompassed a vast array of sonic soundscapes and undergone several supporting lineups. Elements of ambient drone, dreampop, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, post-rock, and soulful jazzy expressions all make an appearance in Rose Haze compositions and performance. Based in Oakland, CA, Kate is supported by Ruben Gonzales (guitar and bass), Yoko Miyakawa (viola, electric violin, and bass), and Dustin Coker (drums).

‘Contemplations in the Desert’ is an instrumental album born amidst the sweltering sun, dust, and nothingness of Southern California. Kate Ramsey and Ruben Gonzales of Rose Haze set out for nowhere to record a fully improvised collection of tunes using all analog gear.

“‘Horse Suite II’ is a ridiculous title for a song and is intentionally so. By the time we got to this track in the long hot day of recording, truly melting into delirium, I was completely out of it. I kept imagining old western films I used to watch with my Dad, slow-moving, the horses running along, almost no plot. I became the horse, the dust, the sun, then started strumming this arrhythmic pattern to portray a galloping horse, and Ruben just sank right into a nasty lead. The music video is a single capture of a day in the life where we recorded. Ruben and I are both film and photography enthusiasts, so in addition to tracking the album, we spent hours getting random shots. I purposely didn’t include any scenes of us playing our instruments. The video has no meaning, it’s an aimless spoof on old westerns. Just two artists wandering around the middle of nowhere, one with a camera, and one on stilts, swinging a katana, taking swigs of moonshine, and writing in the dust, “Blondie don’t die” as homage to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The interlude “Ennio” that appears before ‘Horse Suite II’ on the album is homage to the film as well, specifically pointing towards Ennio Morricone who scored it.” Kate Ramsey

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