‘Where is the Fun’ by Maiorano | New Album, ‘Luna Nova’

Uncategorized August 1, 2022

‘Where is the Fun’ by Maiorano | New Album, ‘Luna Nova’

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Where is the Fun’ by Maiorano, taken from their new album, ‘Luna Nova’, out via Something Beautiful Recordings.

Maiorano have matured as a rock & roll garage orchestra since their first album ‘Glorious Days’ in 2018. With their new work they have repositioned themselves as accomplished songwriters and musicians, where they combine warm melodies and groovy beats with an awareness of the social problems of our time.

Their sophomore album ‘Luna Nova’ was released May 27th via Swedish label Something Beautiful. Ten tracks of magnificent synth-soul, inspired by Italian soundtracks of the 70s and 80s, modern garage pop as well as classic soul. This band of exiled Italians recorded the album at Big Snuff Studio in collaboration with producer Nene Baratto.

Now they release the new music video to the track ‘Where is the Fun’, directed by Victor Puigcerver. In it we see the front man Alex Maiorano sing in an empty laundromat, embodying the lyrics to its fullest.

The sound takes inspiration from Italian legend Battiato that would die while the song was composed and give the band even more reasons to dig deep into his classic albums.It’s the groupsfirst go with drum machine and first proper melts of Alex and Alessio punk roots and Nicola past experience with electronic music, and the result is mesmerizing.

“The song chases a summer feeling lamenting the boredom of lockdown”. – Alex Maiorano

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