‘The One That Didn’t Walk Away’ by Slim Sly Slender

Uncategorized June 24, 2022

‘The One That Didn’t Walk Away’ by Slim Sly Slender

Exclusive track premiere of ‘The One That Didn’t Walk Away’ by Slim Sly Slender.

“The narrator of this song is acting as a friendly counselor to someone who does not recognize being the target of unrequited love. The “you” that is the subject of the song is nonspecific, much in the way of many 60’s pop ballads, and could represent an individual or perhaps be a more generic comment on commitment”.

Singer-songwriter Slim Sly Slender has the rare distinction of being a career visual artist that has exhibited his work in many group and solo shows. Yet, 10 years ago, his creativity took a radical turn when during a casual warehouse jam session, he had a musical awakening. From there, the Baltimore, Maryland-based artist made the bold decision to switch paths.

Slim’s songs are frisky, vibrantly eclectic pop-rock, brimming with earworm melodies, wry wit, literate flair, and playful irony. His albums exhibit a cohesive aesthetic even though he shape shifts much like Beck through an array of styles, including hip-hop, folk, indie rock, Americana, and piano ballads. His songwriting is inspired by poets and literature, therefore, concepts and words come before music. From there, he etches out a soundtrack to his lyrics. As a capable multi-instrumentalist, Slim demos up the songs and then collaborates with his community of musicians, working together with them until the songs feel finished. His often quirky, but always tuneful and smart music has garnered favorable comparisons to Nick Lowe, Steve Earle, John Lennon, Lou Reed, and Steely Dan.

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