‘Fire Season’ by Saint Christopher | New Album, ‘Pop Shit’

Uncategorized June 29, 2022

‘Fire Season’ by Saint Christopher | New Album, ‘Pop Shit’

Today, Saint Christopher — the project of Los Angeles musician Christopher Kalil (formerly of Arms Akimbo) — shares ‘Fire Season’, the second single off his debut LP, ‘Pop Shit’, due October 7, 2022.

He will also be releasing more music over the coming months, ahead of the album’s release.


On his new single, Chris wrote:

“Where I grew up,
We would get days off from school every Fall when the hills would catch fire.
I have to stay in my seat and finish my work.
Back then it felt like the bad times would come in seasons. Same with the good times.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that the good times and the bad times happen all at once.
Fire season is all year.
This song is about the death of an old perspective and the birth of a new one.
The death of potential and the birth of acceptance.
I’m not looking for my big break?
I’m just looking for a little break.
We all deserve a pause button.
This song is mine.”

Saint Christopher is the musical persona of Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Kalil. The former frontman of indie-rock band Arms Akimbo, Kalil has since turned his attention to a new sound rooted in a unique blend of pop, emo, folk, and soul. Mixing tongue-in-cheek religious iconography with commentary on modern culture and artistry, Saint Christopher has created a singular visual and sonic atmosphere that is both avant-garde and familiar.

Thanks to some uniquely unfortunate timing, Saint Christopher launched directly into a worldwide pandemic and shutdown, and during that time he got to work — releasing a trilogy of mixtapes titled, Always Feel The Same, I Learned To Kill My Brother, and When Heaven Calls I Won’t Be Home. These mixtapes gathered over 650,000 streams and listeners across the world.

Now, Saint Christopher returns with his debut album, ‘Pop Shit’, an expansive and diverse body of work that is at once an incisive commentary on the music industry, an earnest and heartfelt expression of the ups and downs of making a living as an artist, a shot across the bow of popular culture, and a genuinely great and un-ironic pop record.

Headline photo: Chris Braun

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