‘Tell me’ by Dead Visions | New Album in Spring 2022

Uncategorized December 1, 2021

‘Tell me’ by Dead Visions | New Album in Spring 2022

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Tell me’ by Dead Visions, featuring the famous Italian actor, MTV VJ and comedian Francesco Mandelli/Nongiovane.

Tell me what’s cooler than a secret. Far from the maddening crowd of algorithm-addled aristocrats and hype-hooked hypocrites, there’s people who can still keep a secret. The secret of unassuming practice rooms and stages. The secret place behind a trail of smoke – could be a sun-scorched spaghetti Western, could be the Bowery in 1977, could be closer than you think. The secret place where we lie on the ground and, for once, tell the truth. It’s a secret that goes back a long way – way back. With ‘Tell Me’, Dead Visions let you in on their secret. They sing about doubt, loss, love, and the other stuff that happens in the pines, where the digital rising sun doesn’t ever shine. These are real people – the people you see in the video, music made with hands and ears, faces, bodies, an eye searching across a hazy horizon. Listen. These people are telling you their secret. And they’re asking you to tell them yours.

Dead Visions stabilized in 2018 when Francesco Mandelli – known as an actor, screenwriter, director, writer and tv presenter on MTV but already into music with different projects, like Orange or the collaboration with Adam Green – decides to join the Tuscan lineup formed by Cesar P. Bigelow (Not Right), Federico Giammattei (Tuesday’s Cockroaches), Carlo Alberto, Maria Rossi (Seed’n’Feed) and Sergio Innocenti (Los Dragos), respectively on guitars, bass and drums. This band gives birth to the debut album called ‘A Sea Of Troubles’ released in May 2020 on Slimer Records, recorded live on tape and mixed by Alberto Ferrari from the band Verdena at Henhouse Studio (better known as “Pollaio”), produced by Iacopo Bigagli and mastered by Gianni Peri. In 2021 Iacopo himself joined the band as Cesar decided to quit, evolving the sound towards new directions.

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Slimer Records Official Website / FacebookBandcamp

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