‘Vampires’ by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Uncategorized October 7, 2021

‘Vampires’ by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Exclusive video premiere of ‘Vampires’ by Hot Flash Heat Wave.

The San Francisco trio of Adam Abildgaard, Nick Duffy, and Ted Davis have built a loyal following and constant buzz over the last several years, with the 2019 EP ‘Mood Ring’ standing as their most kaleidoscopic work to date. Merging the quintessential melodies of pop’s past with contemporary touches to forge something truly unique, Hot Flash Heat Wave is just starting to create their own sonic world.

On the single, Hot Flash Heat Wave says: “‘Vampires’ spins off of the musical cautionary tale, the narrator punning around the theme while warning a young idealistic listener that ‘the world will drain you.’ The lyrics jab at consumerism, pop-media-enforced party culture, and our societal system that pushes us away from our youthful ideals toward well trodden career paths and empty materialism, alcohol and drug abuse. The song uses a fantastical theme to veil its critique, its sonic landscapes pulling from new wave and goth influences to match the lyrical tone, illustrating a dark expansive world filled with vampires.

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