Professional Power 24V – Clearaudio | “A much cleaner power source”

Uncategorized September 17, 2021

Professional Power 24V – Clearaudio | “A much cleaner power source”

Clearaudio recently sponsored It’s Psychedelic Baby! Magazine with a high quality transformer-based and stabilized 24 Volt DC power supply.

The Professional Power 24V is a high quality transformer-based and stabilized 24 Volt DC power supply. It is designed to fill the gap between the standard power supply that comes with their turntables and their state-of-the-art, auto-charging Smart Power 24V battery supply.

“A much cleaner power source”

The Professional Power 24V provides improved filtering over the standard power supply, which delivers a much cleaner power source. Cleaner power and increased “headroom” for Clearaudio’s Innovation and Ovation series turntables, thanks to a smoother motor performance and extended reserves.

The unit’s construction features professional-grade electronic components and a resonance-optimized transformer to ensure that no mechanical interference will be transferred through the housing. The attractive design and improved listening experience will ensure that the Professional Power 24V is a welcome addition to your home audio system.

“Improvement over dynamics and calmness of the sound”

A steady power supply source provides a way more stable and constant platter speed. Vibrations and motor variations are transmitted via the belt to the platter. When the motor operates smoother – it means less vibration, which leads us to a more coherent and “calm” sound. The speed stability makes a big difference! The fact is that even high-end turntable motors can make quite some noise, which is transmitted into power lines. The resulting improvements in sound quality with Professional Power 24V are significant. You get more clarity and openness with completely black silence. Professional Power 24V has a huge impact on playback with truly stunning improvement over dynamics and “calmness” of the sound. The background silence is first rate and makes this high quality transformer an important element in the hifi system. Acoustic recordings never sounded better.

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